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Having been named one of America’s Most Inspiring Rabbis, Pinchas Allouche is an influential spiritual voice who seeks to empower communities around the world through uplifting people from all faiths and backgrounds.

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A Passion For Outreach

Rabbi Pinchas Allouche is an international spiritual leader, respected author of numerous literary works, and a gifted public speaker who has enlightened and inspired audiences throughout the United States, Europe, Israel, and South Africa.

Rabbi Allouche

Rabbi Allouche is also the founding Rabbi of Congregation Beth Tefillah of Scottsdale, which is among the most vibrant and fastest growing synagogues in the State of Arizona. The 2018 Grand Opening Ceremony of Congregation Beth Tefillah’s new synagogue was attended by numerous influential individuals, including World Leaders, US Government Officials, State of Israel Representatives, and acclaimed Religious Dignitaries. It was during this momentous occasion that Arizona’s Honorable Governor Doug Ducey praised Rabbi Allouche and his congregation for their significant contribution to the Community.

Just a couple of months following this historic event, in January of 2019, Rabbi Allouche was honored to be invited to Arizona’s State Capital to deliver an Invocation Speech at the 2019 Inauguration of Governor Doug Ducey. Shortly thereafter, in February of 2019, Rabbi Allouche went on to deliver an equally inspiring and unifying Invocation Speech for Scottsdale’s Mayor, Jim Lane, during his State of the City Address.

Aside from being dedicated to leading and growing his synagogue and empowering his local community in Scottsdale, Rabbi Allouche also seeks to bring healing to an increasingly troubled and divisive world through making himself available to deliver powerful and uplifting motivational speeches, both to religious and non-religious audiences. Having lived in five countries on four different continents and being fluent in English, Hebrew, French, and Italian, Rabbi Allouche is able to form lasting connections with people from many different backgrounds. Rabbi Allouche also uses his unique expertise and interpersonal communication skills to offer consulting, mentoring, and counseling services to groups of various sizes and to individuals from every walk of life. Want to learn more or book Rabbi Allouche? Simply reach out to him today!

Every person was created in the image of G-d and has the potential to experience internal peace and happiness while making a positive contribution to the society in which we all live. As a Rabbi with advanced training and expertise in self-development and maintaining healthy relationships, I seek to support and give back to communities around the world by sharing my guidance and perspective with every person who wishes to live a better, more satisfying, and more fulfilling life.

Building Strong Families

Rabbi Allouche lives in Paradise Valley, AZ with his Venezuelan-born wife, Esther, and the couple’s nine children. Rabbi Allouche strongly believes in and promotes the sanctity of marriage and creation of strong families, both of which are Jewish values that can benefit people of all faiths and religious backgrounds.

Rabbi Allouche
Rabbi Allouche

His Mission

Rabbi Allouche is passionate about being a source of goodness and inspiration to people from every walk of life through promoting Jewish values for the betterment of our society and our world.


A man of infinite wisdom, Rabbi Allouche’s mission is to be a source of light not only for the Jewish people, but also for the entire world, as it is through the Jewish values that are deeply ingrained within him that he sees good in all people. Further, Rabbi Allouche also advocates for Jewish people to live not in seclusion and surrounded by those of their own faith,  but as a part of mainstream culture. After all, Jewish values are universal to all of humanity and humanity can both benefit and prosper from values that are inherently Jewish.

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By embracing his own Jewish values and the sacred, ancient principles of Judaism, Rabbi Allouche hopes to bring healing to a world that is very much broken. He hopes to help corporate executives reach their potential as influential leaders. He hopes to put marriages back on track by teaching couples to rediscover their passion and appreciation for one another. He hopes to strengthen families by teaching people to communicate, have fun together, and to better manage conflict. Finally, he hopes to enliven the souls and spirits of all people by inspiring them to rediscover their G-d given talents, passions,  and to simply enjoy and appreciate the beauty of life itself.

Community Involvement

Judaism places great importance on community engagement and giving back to one’s community.

Rabbi Allouche has led Jewish organizations and has been an integral part of numerous communities, both in the United States and abroad. Presently, Rabbi Allouche, together with his wife Esther and their nine children, are tremendously involved in the Jewish community of Greater Phoenix. Rabbi Allouche also maintains memberships with AIPAC's National Council and Vaad Harabanim, the Orthodox Rabbinic Council of Arizona. Further, Rabbi Allouche teaches middle-school Judaics at Pardes Jewish Day School and is a blogger for many online publications, including the Huffington Post and The Times of Israel. Rabbi Allouche would be pleased to become a part of your community outreach initiatives as well. If you would like to learn more about how he could strengthen your organization or bring inspiration to the community in which you are involved, please feel free to reach out to him for more information or to book him for your next event!

Building and sustaining strong communities is both a Jewish value and concept that is central to Judaism, as according to Jewish law, being a part of a community is critical to human fulfillment and reaching one’s potential. With this understanding, Jewish people throughout history have attempted to create communities that are built upon spirituality, connectivity, and peaceful relations among all citizens.

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Rabbi Allouche is dedicated to outreach and to helping those who are struggling in life, as it is a Jewish value to be responsible to the community we live in and to the world as a whole.


Judaism teaches that to be a good person, avoiding wrongdoing is simply not enough. To the contrary, a good person must actively engage in good deeds, known in Hebrew as mitzvot. Giving to charity is a good deed that is highly valued and practiced in Jewish life today. After all, while Jewish people make up only around 2% of the United States population, the United Jewish Appeal is the third largest American charity, just behind the Red Cross and United Way, raising $750 million annually. Indeed, giving to those in need is high priority in Judaism, as are other types of positive behavior that are mandated by Jewish Law. Aside from monetary donations, Jewish people also have an obligation to help fellow human beings that are in distress. Since many of our neighbors both in our local communities and around the world lead lives that lack fulfillment and are void of any spiritual connection, Rabbi Allouche’s convictions and love of the Jewish Faith have inspired him to give of himself by sharing his own G-d given talents and expertise for the benefit of all humanity.


Rabbi Allouche is abundantly grateful and humbled by the kindness and gratitude of those who have supported and endorsed his mission and his work.

Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

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Arizona Governor Ducey

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

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Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager

"God Bless you Rabbi Allouche and Mrs. Allouche. You have done one great service, as pointed out by the Mayor. Not just to the Jews of Scottsdale, but to the Jews of..."

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To Rabbi Allouche, to the very distinguished guests, and to all of you members of Congregation Beth Tefillah in Scottsdale, Mazal Tov and Congratulations on this truly incredible achievement. I find it so poetic that Rabbi Allouche you, and your wonderful Rebbetzin, started this minyan as a Modern Orthodox Congregation in Scottsdale just eight years ago in your garage! Now I know AMAZING things happen in American garages. That is where Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple and many remarkable things, but very few, if any, more beautiful than what you started in your garage. This wonderful, wonderful Congregation, which has grown, under your warmth and your welcome, to some 400 families. It has grown exponentially, and you have built this magnificent new building: a shul, a community center, the first Mikvah in Scottsdale. This is a tribute to you, and to all who have followed and been inspired by your leadership. You have a truly, truly great Congregation with an outstanding religious leader and his Rabanit. The Sages say ‘Nitna Torah Bamidbar.’ There was something special about the fact that the Torah was given in the wildnerness. Well we all know the wilderness of Sinai, but you have repeated that in the wildnerness of Arizona and somehow created a little miracle of Torah that has your recapitulation of the Sinai experience for all who are part of your community, blessed by your leadership. May this new building and its multiple ways be a source of blessing to all who enter its doors and may you and this great Congregation continue to inspire one another and grow for many years to come. Mazal Tov, Congratulations, and Blessings.

Hello, I’m Governor Doug Ducey. Rabbi Allouche, distinguished guests, honorees, and members of Congregation Beth Tefillah, Congratulations on the Grand Opening of your amazing new synagogue. From the pictures and videos that I’ve already seen, your beautiful building is a reflection of the character of Rabbi Allouche and this entire community that I have come to know. You have become a shining beacon of G-d’s light to our State, to our Country, and to the World. The way you have educated and served this State based on the teachings of your holy Torah and your esteemed Sages, with unconditional love and unreserved kindness to all, is an inspiration. It gives me great pride to witness your growth, as you remain dedicated to the values that have made, and continue to make, Arizona and this Country exceptional. With this new sanctuary, may you continue to flourish, as you remain dedicated to those same divine values and principles that brought you to this moment. G-d Bless You, G-d Bless the Great State of Arizona, and G-d Bless the United States of America.

God Bless you Rabbi Allouche and Mrs. Allouche. You have done one great service, as pointed out by the Mayor. Not just to the Jews of Scottsdale, but to the Jews of America, and to the non-Jews of this area. Thank you very much!