Rabbi Allouche
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Mikvah Grand Opening

As the very first Mikvah in Scottsdale, The Grand Opening of Congregation Beth Tefillah’s Goldman Mikvah marked a historic event for our Community.  The construction of this Mikvah was the vision of Rabbi Allouche and his wife Esther, and it was made possible by the generosity of the Goldman Family.

A Mikvah is a pool of living waters, a pristine reservoir of natural rainwater that transforms and restores, a special private space and moment in time that allows a woman to focus on a total immersion of her body, mind and soul.

The Mikvah and concept of Family Purity is an ancient yet timeless secret of Jewish femininity, a precious and beloved Jewish tradition, and the divine key to marital harmony, as it allows a woman to reconnect with her natural rhythms and discover a renewal that brings new energy to her marital relationship and sense of completeness within herself. Women from all faiths and backgrounds can enhance their marital relationships by incorporating some or all of the traditions and relationship wisdom that are sacred to Judaism.

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